Glossy Glam Topcoat by Rica!

Today I have for you Ricarda’s (@justricarda from instagram) new top coat! She was nice enough to send me one for review. Although this was sent for review this is my honest opinion on how I feel about this top coat. Image

So here it is! Glossy Glam top coat is 3-free top coat (meaning that is does not contain Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, and Formaldehyde). As the name states it’s supposed to be glossy and have high shine. I decided to just use plain black polish for this review to see the shine! For the following photos I used a coat of CND Stickey Base coat, two coats of OPI Black Onyx, and one coat of Glossy Glam top coat. So let’s take a look.Image

Take a look at all that glossy shine!!! Now I see why Rica had named this Glossy Glam, because it is! This is super shiny, probably more shiny then Seche Vite (very popular top coat). Drying time was good, it did take a little bit longer then Seche Vite to dry but I believe it is worth the wait. Also a big thing it does NOT cause is shrinkage like Seche Vite. Shrinkage happens a lot when you use it and looks like you did not fully paint your nails. So that is a plus that does not happen! It took me about 5-6 minutes to fully dry. I am going to wear these for the whole day and see how well they hold up at work tonight and will keep you all updated. Here’s another picture of Glossy Glam.Image

I can’t thank Ricarda enough for sending this to me! I love it. She will be having a restock of Glossy Glam soon and you should follow her on instagram for updates on when this will be abailable at and her etsy shop

I definitely recommend this top coat! It is ultra glossy, fast drying, and does not cause shrinkage. Like I said I am going to see the wear time on these and will add to this post. Ricarda thanks for making an awesome top coat and will definitely be using this often!! Last picture is taking out in natural light.Image


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